Students & Staff Information Management System abbreviated as SSIMS is a computer software that was developed to simplify complex (pre-nursery, nursery, primary and secondary/high school) schools  daily operations, therefore, increase productivity, quality of service delivery and reduce cost of service delivery in general. All reports generated by SSIMS are sorted and manipulative carrying the school logo, name , phone numbers and address, etc

The Graphical User Interface is very user friendly and consistent that just require basic computer skills from users.

Below are core features of SSIMS:

01  Complete digitalization of new and existing students/staff members records, with scan copies of students’ registration documents  (if required) in a school.

02  Archiving of students academic records, performance, attendance and other remarks.

03  Unbiased graduation and promotion of students  all  by click of a button

04 Multi user operation and consistent information sharing over a local network with a centralized database

05 Information access and control to only authorized staff

06 A sophisticated students and staff search functionality

07 Generation of students’ report sheet with automatic grading of scores and rank

08 Complete Students financial history and detect students that are defaulting for school fees easily

09  Exportation of reports to PDF, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word

10 Easy generation of complex statistical and graphical reports using different criteria such as:

  • Number of Students per enrollment per gender
  • Number of students per age group
  • Number of Staff per qualifications or appointment type
  • Number of classrooms, seats, blocks and other school facilities.
  • Information on students and staff textbooks
  • Source of water, electricity, sport facilities, ICT facilities, etc
  • Amount and number of students who pay fees, buy from store, etc  by date
  • Staff monthly ledger

11 Send notifications/terminal report summary via SMS to parents/staff or selected parent/staff with a click of a button

12 School Store inventory module that handles other items that the school sells, such as text books, uniforms, etc. It keeps record of exact items sold and how many are remaining in the store, the price can only be set by the administrator. School expenses module that handles all the expenditure of the school and generates daily or summary report on expenditure